How To Minimize The Delays Caused By The TSA

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The TSA works hard to keep travelers safe, but the delays caused by their inspections can be lengthy. Keep reading to learn how to minimize the delays caused by the TSA.

The best thing a traveler can do decrease the length of their delay is to pack with TSA standards in mind. Make sure to get on the web and find out which items can be carried on and which must be packed in checked baggage. There will also be certain items that cannot be taken aboard the aircraft at all; these should be (more…)

Home Safety And Kids: Teaching Them The Basics

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Once children grow out of the infant and toddler stages, it’s important as a parent to teach them fundamental safety and security tips (both in and outside the home), that they’ll use for the rest of their lives. Everything from “stranger danger” to fire safety should be covered; however, starting at home is the best place to begin implementing these measures.

Fire safety is a crucial element (and teach moment for parents) of home security. Staying away from hot stovetops, grills and other heated appliances should be addressed. Additionally, teach kids tips on what to do if the smoke alarm goes off (think the Stop, Drop and Roll method), fire escape plans and calling the police during an emergency.

Other home security tips, that also cover strangers, include looking to see who is at the door before you open it (and making sure an adult goes with them), what to do if a break-in happens and how to use the security system, if you have one at your house. Most local security systems companies will give the whole family a tutorial on how to use the alarm system during the installation process and give every member of the household, including your children their own unique security access code, that only they will use to get into the house.

The Hidden Governmental Role Of The Transportation Security Administration

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The Transportation Security Administration is tasked with the role of securing the nation’s transportation and recently added skulls to the list of banned items in airports.

The majority of personnel, which is numbered at about 47,000 employees, work as Transportation Security Officers at the nation’s airports. They work mostly to screen people at airports and watch the area for suspicious activities. The also screen property that is destined for airline carriers.

In a recent week, the TSA (more…)

Why The TSA Was Transferred To Homeland Security

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The Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, was created in response to the September 11 terrorist attacks. Initially, the agency was run by the Department of Transportation; later, however, the agency was transferred to the Department of Homeland Security. Here are a few of the reasons for the switch.

First, the Department of Homeland Security was a relatively new agency, and its role was unclear in the early days. As a result, lawmakers did not want to add to the department’s responsibilities before determining exactly what the department would handle. In addition, a major role of the department was (more…)

Who Created The TSA And Why They Did It

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The Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, was signed into law by George W. Bush in late 2001. After the September 11 terrorist attacks, interest in better airport security encouraged most members of Congress to support the creation of an agency designed to help prevent future attacks that the FBI and CIA fail to uncover. Here are some of the reasons why the agency was created.

Before September 11, each airport would perform its own security operations. While many performed admirably, lawmakers felt that the best way to ensure security was to run it (more…)

Steps To Installing An Elite Home Security System

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Putting a security system into your home has its benefits and can help to keep the whole family safe. Home security systems are really evolving and are helping to protect people from more than just intruders. Some systems are designed to detect fire and carbon monoxide while also being able to contact the local fire department if there is an issue in the house. Getting one of these systems installed also does not take much time (more…)

Tips For Forming An Unstoppable Neighborhood Watch Committee

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When crime peaked in the 1980s, a new phenomenon developed: neighborhood watch committees. Through the years, adt home security leads, these watch committees have become more sophisticated, and many homeowners will proudly dedicate time to keeping the neighborhoods safe. However, forming a neighborhood watch committee can be difficult. Here are a few tips.

First, it is important to gauge interest. People in retirement communities, for example, may not be interested in spending their evenings outdoors. In small neighborhoods, there may simply not be enough interested residents to launch an effective committee. Before spending time and money trying to form a committee, it may be wise to determine if there is sufficient interest.

Next, those starting committees will want to see how other committees operate. Finding material from those experienced with watch committees can help, and learning about local laws is essential. It may also help to talk with people who serve on watch committees in your area as crime varies by region.

After determining that there is sufficient interest, watch committee members will need to write a charter and a list of rules. Guidance is necessary to ensure that all members of the watch committee perform their duties correctly, and documentation is essential for keeping all committee members in line.